5 Proven Christmas Business Ideas To Add To Your Income

Christmas is a festive season in the Philippines. With so much happening, it’s also a time ripe for a business to thrive and grow, even though some might be purely seasonal.

Business people can be opportunistic, taking advantage of what’s on offer even if it’s only as temporary as the Christmas season.

Let’s examine some of the business opportunities Christmas brings us amidst the bright lights, gift-giving, and celebratory parties.

Christmas decorations

You can put your arts and crafts skills to good and profitable use by developing Christmas decors such as lanterns, Christmas trees, nativity scenes, wreaths, and other decorations. These designs are often seen adorned at homes, offices, and churches.

If you don’t have a prominent display area, you may partner with a shop in the market and agree on a profit-sharing deal. You may also post it online via OLX and receive inquiries from interested parties.

You have at least a quarter of the year (counting the “ber” months and beyond) to get this opportunity going. Providing people with ideas (for example, a package of “white” Christmas themed party decorations) can help them make decisions that fit the budget and requirements for the occasion.

Christmas gift ideas

Sometimes people are not sure what to give as presents, so they end up with some generic items available at gift shops and bookstores. Provide an alternative to this with your Christmas gift ideas that never gets out of date. Flower vase, letter holder, or doormat are alternatives to gifts that may go unwanted and less useful at home.

You can market such products the same way as Christmas decorations and lanterns.

Specialty food products

It’s a fact that food and Christmas are associated with each other as tempting treats often get the blame for gaining weight during the holiday season. Although we expect that households do the preparation and cooking of food, there are certain types of treats that are not easy to prepare. Some ingredients are hard to find; others take an extended amount of time and effort to prepare. Some dishes require special equipment to prepare or need experienced hands to cook them.

This arrangement works if you are the well-known cook of specialty dishes like paella, sisig, pancit Malabon, lechon, or desserts like maja blanca, kakanin, or fruit salad. Pre-orders work best for such preparations, so you know how much to prepare, and when to deliver (parties, noche buena, etc.)

Catering services

Schools or offices that plan to organize Christmas parties but have no time to prepare the ingredients or have enough equipment are the right to target clients for the catering business. It is an excellent fit during the festive season, where food is often the centerpiece attraction. Equipment and manpower for the catering business require a more substantial investment. But one good thing about the catering service is that it’s not only in demand during the Christmas season. Other celebrations such as weddings, graduation, birthdays or family reunions throughout the year also demand such kind of service.

Every catering occasion is implicitly a sales pitch. If guests love your spaghetti, lumpiang Shanghai, or whatever was served, you could expect a potential pipeline of future customers with referrals.

Sell clothes and fashion items

Christmas season’s parties aren’t only about food and gifts. It also involves presentations, custom motifs, and themes that range from 70s fashion to those that require a pastel-colored wardrobe.

Apart from theme parties, Christmas is the time people tend to buy new clothes as employees receive bonuses at work, and children receive cash gifts from godparents. There’s also that feeling of dressing to impress.

You can set yourself apart from department stores that also launch massive discounts for clothes and shoes. You can do this by providing more personalized services like product suggestions, free delivery, or easy installment plans.

Offer personalized service for busy people

Christmas is a tough time to do a lot of things at once. The congested traffic situation, long lines at department stores, and last-minute party planning make it challenging to squeeze in specific tasks.

You can turn this situation to a business opportunity to offer services that range from suggesting gifts and wrapping them or party planning for a corporate Christmas party. By selling your available time to fulfill other’s lack of it during the Christmas season, you’ll also be able to make this as a service business.


Apart from the colorful and festive occasion of Christmas, wouldn’t it be even higher if your seasonal income adds to the celebration? Having tested your Christmas business means there is a good chance you’ll apply what you learn next Christmas.