How to Apply as a B-MEG Feeds Distributor

San Miguel Corporation first ventured into the feeds manufacturing business in 1953. Using Bacillus megatherium, a growth promoting derived from its beer brewing operations, and it began supplying quality animal feeds for poultry and hog raisers nationwide. Now you can be a B-Meg distributor. 

B-Meg distributor in Zamboanga del Norte

Since then, the San Miguel feed manufacturing business has grown by leaps and bounds. In 1955, it registered its flagship brand B-MEG with the Bureau of Animal Industry, distinguishing between getting BAI Registration Certificate No. 1.

From a one-ton feed mill at the San Miguel Brewery to the Manila B-MEG Plant in Balintawak, to more than 25 strategically located feed mills that produce B-MEG products nationwide, raisers are assured of fresh, high-quality B-MEG feeds for the growth of their livestock.

To date, B-MEG remains the leading feed brand in the country, providing raisers with the freshest, best-in-class quality products. Coupled with value-added technical services offered by our B-MEG personnel, we help ensure raisers of high-quality products, shorter grow out periods, and business success in today’s challenging times.

As the leading feeds supplier in the Philippines, the SMFI Feeds Business will evolve into a total solutions provider of animal and nutrition technology and a customer-focused service package that will help our customers’ success.

As B-MEG, we are committed to:

  • Create value for our customers and shareholders by:
    • Supporting the nutrition requirements of our internal and external customers with cost-effective products and services.
    • Continuing to be a profitable contributor to SMPFC’s business objectives.

Take pride in our products, services, and capabilities as we:

  • Proactively identify, adapt and apply techniques that will ensure quality products and services at the possible cost.
  • Fortify our market leadership in the Philippine commercial feeds market.

B-Meg productB-MEG Products:

  • Hog Feeds
  • Poultry Feeds
  • Aquatic (Fish Pelleted, Fish Extruded, Shrimp Feeds)
  • Veterinary Medicine (For Hogs, Poultry, Game Fowl)

For B-Meg Distributor inquiries, contact:

  • Text Hotline: 0922999BMEG (2634)
  • E-mail: /


San Miguel Foods
No. 100 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue (C5 Road)
Barangay Ugong, Pasig City
1604, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: +632 5 317 5000

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