How to Integrate TrueMoney into Your Sari-Sari Store Business

The typical neighborhood sari-sari store of the past that owes its concept of buying from a wholesaler and making money off each item sold. A small markup can’t sustain the business in today’s competitive marketplace making innovations.

Thankfully, a sari-sari store doesn’t have to dwell in that old business model as new opportunities emerge to diversify operations. They can now accept mobile phone reloading, disburse remittance money, accept bill payments, or become a pickup point for parcel deliveries.

One such opportunity comes from TrueMoney, which is a Thailand-based low-cost financial technology company. Its business focuses on remittance money processing, bills payment, prepaid load, and game credit retailing.

If you partner with this business, your sari-sari store can provide such services to customers. They receive money sent by OFW relatives abroad, reload their prepaid mobile devices, or pay their bills. By the looks of it, customers will have ease of convenience doing so. Neighbors don’t need to go to poblacion’s Western Union branch to pick up money or wait for office hours to pay their utility bills.

Benefits of a TrueMoney partner

Earn more income

Your sari-sari store has the potential to earn more income on top of the perishable goods on sale. That’s because your shop will now offer high-demand services such as phone reloading, bill payment, and remittance services.

More customer traffic

Instead of routinely saying you don’t offer such services, TrueMoney signage will attract more foot traffic and income potential. Along the way, someone asking for a phone reload might just buy a liter of soft drinks or a can of meatloaf.

Low start-up investment

Understanding merchants may have a little leeway when it comes to financing. TrueMoney’s proven business model doesn’t require a fortune to invest in exchange for a potential financial windfall and growth in business.

Easy business setup

There are about 45,000 TrueMoney Centers in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. One reason for that growth over the past few years is the ease of installation. There is no need for computers, printers, or internet connection as TrueMoney will provide you with an easy-to-use POS terminal.

Safe, quick and secure transactions

Money remittance through TrueMoney is a fast, affordable, and reliable way to send and receive money. There is no charge to money recipients, and no membership is required. The POS terminal prints a transaction receipt while the confirmation and sends a unique reference code to your mobile number. Recipient can then pick-up the cash in real-time.

Each TrueMoney Center receives a unique POS terminal that comes with a unique card for authentication purposes. Through a simple menu-driven interface, business owners can carry out financial services without sophisticated technology.

Wide variety of bill payment partners

As a TrueMoney partner, your sari-sari store may accept bill payments for the following merchants:

Airline Tickets Cable TV Banks Electric Utilities Finance Telecoms Water Utilities Others
Air Asia Angeles Cable Asia United Bank Angeles Elec AEON Credit ABS-CBN Converge BP Water Works Bayanihan Flats
Cebu Pacific Cable Link BPI Batangas I Elec Asialink Bayan Telco Boracay Water Dragon Pay
Philippine Airlines Central Luzon Batangas II Elec Cocolife Digital Telco Cagayan De Oro Honeycomb Builder
Cignal TV Benguet Elec CTBC Bank Corp Globe Innove Calumpit Water Metro Turf Club
Comclark Network Cagayan Elec Dragon Loans Globe Postpaid Clark Water Peso Pay
Converge Ict Sol Cebu II Elec Finaswide Credit Globe Tattoo First Peak Phil Smile
DCTV Cable Cotobato Light First MFI Net PLDT Good Hands Water RS Property
Hi-Tech Cable TV Davao del Sur I Golden Haven Smart Happy Well Tagum Coop
JMY Advantage Davao Light Global Dominion South Iloilo Tel Laguna AAA Water
Leisure World First Laguna Elec Home Credit Phil Sun Cellular Laguna Wtr Distr
Met Cable Iloilo I Elec Insular Savers Mabalacat Water
My Cloud Cable Ilocos Norte Coop Maybridge Fin Manila Water
Northstar Cable NEECO II Area 1 Norkis Financial Maynilad
Parasat Cable NEECO II Area 2 Paramount Life Metro Cebu Water
Pilipino Cable Olongapo Elec Pera Agad Primewater
Planet Cable Pampanga I Elec Phil Axa Life Sorsogon Water
Plus Cable Pampanga II Elec South Asialink Sta. Maria Water
Royal Cable Pampanga III Elec Sumisho Loan Sta. Lucia Realty
SanClemente Cable Pampanga Rural Unistar Credit Tabaco City Water
SKYCABLE Peninsula Elec
Smart Bro Sorsogon II Elec
Verdant Cable Subic Enerzone
Surigao del Sur
Visayan Elec
Zambales I Elec
Zambales II Elec

How to Apply as TrueMoney Partner?

To apply as a TrueMoney, fill out your name, contact details and store location in the form by following this link. Documentary requirements include:

  • DTI Permit
  • Mayor’s Permit

If you have any questions about our security and technology, you may contact us at (02) 718-9999 or at

Additional contact details:
(02) 718-9999
Globe: 0977 806 3773
Smart: 0998 565 9999
Monday to Saturday – 9 am to 9 pm
Sunday – 9 am to 6 pm